Keynote speakers

We are thrilled to announce that Sheilagh Ogilvie, the Chichele Professor of Economic History at All Souls College Oxford, and Klara Arnberg, an associate professor in Economic History at the Department of Economic History, Stockholm University, will be our keynote speakers at the 15th Swedish Economic History Meeting in September.

Sheilagh Ogilvie

Klara Arnberg

Sheilagh Ogilvie’s research focuses on the lives of ordinary people in the past, and she aims to explain how poor economies can improve and enhance human well-being. She is particularly interested in how social institutions, such as guilds and serfdom, have shaped economic development in Europe between the Middle Ages and the present day. Her recent publications have analyzed various aspects of economic history, including communities, the family, gender, human capital investment, consumption, and state capacity.

Klara Arnberg’s main research interests include the intersection of business history, consumption, gender/sexuality history, and media history, with a specific focus on advertising history and pornography history. Her work is aimed at understanding how these historical contexts shape economic development. We are excited to hear more about her research at the conference.

The Sex of Markets

Klara’s keynote is entitled “The Sex of Markets”.

While research on the historical construction of markets have gained momentum in recent decades, its connection to gender and especially to sexuality still remains underexplored. However, a closer examination of how market actors navigate issues of sexuality and gender can provide valuable insights into how markets are shaped by gender and sexual relations and vice versa. This keynote highlights the significance of economic and business history, using examples from the Swedish pornography and advertising markets, to shed light on this interplay. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of transcending disciplinary boundaries, catering to a broader academic audience.